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NIOS is the largest Open Schooling System in the world. MHRD, the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India formed the idea of NOS and established the NOS or National Open School in 1989. CBSE's pilot project to form an Open School got clubbed with that of NOS. Later, in 2012 the name NOS was changed to NIOS or National institute of Open Schooling. The main motto behind this project was to offer unhampered education from school level till the pre-degree rank.

NIOS offers education to the various groups of learners. Always we give our special attention towards key requirements to the candidates from disadvantaged sections of the society and the first generation learners, physically, mentally and visually challenged learners. NIOS is offering academic and vocational education and training courses through their various study centers and through recognized agencies. They channelize their efforts and public-private partnership (PPP) mode of collaboration to empower the distance learners.

For conducting Secondary Examinations they have formulated twenty-eight subjects across eight mediums and twenty-eight subjects in five mediums for conducting the Senior Secondary Examinations. Apart from these, at the secondary stage there is provision for combining Academic Subjects with various other Vocational subjects and the same at Senior Secondary level. There are exceptional prospects for students in Vocational Education curriculum. Vocational Education programs are offered in several sectors like Engineering and Technology, Computer and IT related sectors, Business and Commerce, Hospitality Management and Home Science, Agriculture, Health and Paramedical, General Services and Life Enrichment Programmes.

Main objectives of NIOS are, to provide proficient advice to the Indian Government as well as states regarding improvement of Distance learning and School Level Open learning system. NIOS has developed Academic and Vocational Education Programmes and Academic learning system for everyone and for continuous learning till pre-degree level and accomplish to increase the quality and excellence of Distance and Open Learning curriculum and educational solutions for the students. Many institutions are authorized by the NIOS to develop effective student support system to smooth their progress from studying till the pre-degree level. The Distance Learning and Open Learning system are reinforced by them by conducting Research and Development program and sponsor to open national and international level schooling by capacity building, networking, sharing of assets and guarantee in respect of the quality. They provide hundred percent online admissions for secondary to senior secondary level in 24x7 days throughout the year.

NIOS's venture is to make the learner a good human being and a useful member of the society. Toppers Mantra Education Center takes up the idea of the NIOS and join hands to challenge the formal education system by providing appropriate and adequate response.

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