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National Institute of Open Schooling at Toppers Mantra Education Center has been now performing on the idea of On-Demand Examination (ODE) at Secondary Level since 2003 in the part of its possibility and operationalization. The new idea of the ODE is the best stage in the way of flexibility to the open and distance learning process. This will create the entire system of examination self-governing of the time frame and will assist the learners to start the examinations according to their request and preparation.

The elementary theory of On Demand Examination is that NIOS Student can turn into the examination center as and when he/she feels prepared for the examination. NIOS re-presented the ODES at Secondary level in 2018. With the achievement of ODE at Secondary level, NIOS started the On-Demand Examination in Sr. Secondary also from November 2018. Right now, ODES is being led at NIOS HQ at NOIDA and at its Regional Centers/Sub Centers of NIOS in the following subjects at Secondary and Sr. Secondary level.


The advantages of ODES can be stated as follows:

  • Lets the Student to get evaluated when he/ she is all set. Willingness depends on the Student and not on the institute.
  • Efforts to eliminate the strain of appearing in the examination(s), whether for all subjects or in one subject at a fixed time frame and timetable.
  • Tries to eliminate the risk of failure in examination.
  • Eliminates frustration, loss of self-confidence, peer group scorn, despair etc.
  • Knowledge of results is nearly instant and success, though in one subject, is a robust inspiring factor.
  • Degree and level of routine are decided by the Student who can come back in the examination as several times as one wants, till pleased.
  • Negligence will be decreased, as it is a system where the tools for assessment are distinctive to a separate Student. Every question paper for each Student is diverse having similar strain level.
  • Respects the independence and dominion of every Student.


If you are unsuccessful in your examinations, then don’t worry at all. At this time you can give that exam by an on-demand system of NIOS and also reappear for that. This is just a next opportunity you will obtain from the National Institute Open School. Applicants can now qualify their examinations in 45 days only. This can save a precious year of the student. As we all know that this board is the top board in India. This is the only board which offers superb platforms for its students. The students of this board can again come for their futile examination. All the curriculum and educations are equal to the CBSE pattern. Furthermore, the importance is similar to CBSE Board and any other board in India. Thus, now get registered and qualify within 45 days. Save your valuable year by this facility.

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