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The world has changed dramatically in last century with respect to the previous centuries and the knowledge bank of humankind has also changed drastically. So, it is quite natural that the learning techniques need to be developed with advanced techniques which will include the essence of 21st - century learning and as well as the creativity and uniqueness.

Concept Based Teaching is that technique which allows students to learn and think in such a wide area of view and rather than just memorizing, it conducts the learning method with understanding the topic deeper and going with it creatively.

Here in Toppers Mantra, we may go with concept based teaching if needed. In our included boards NIOS and CBSE we can discuss the topics with this technique. As NIOS is an open schooling system, it allows the students to go with bigger portion of their syllabus and to view the topics with wide range of view.So, we have designed NIOS Concept based Teaching module for our students under NIOS. We do know what exactly an open schooling system offers and we are the Best Institute for NIOS Coaching to make your future bright.

Concept of the topic anyone is going to read is the basic building block of learning the topic conveniently. Without understanding the topic, just memorizing it and write in on the exams is not a good choice for carrier. It can never grow interestin the topic a student is going through. Rather than just noting down and memorizing, it focuses on clearing the basic and advance theoretical terms with comparison to many facts happening presently. We have understood this technique and we set up Concept Based NIOS 10th Coaching. Not only for secondary students, we also set up faculty for Concept Based NIOS 12th Coaching for seniors of secondary students.

These coaching units are designed with keeping in mind thecurriculumof NIOS board. Our expert and experienced coaches can guide each and every student to start learning with basic concepts of each topic and to go with advanced concepts of that. A great facility of this technique is that a content may change, but the concept remains same always. That’s why this technique helps to create the basic building block of any topic and a student with a good concept can creatively think with any given topic. Start exploring our Concept Based Teaching techniques and be the creative thinker on your favorite topic with us.

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