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Now, why should you choose us rather than other institutions available there? The first thing you must consider that we have focused on the basic most needed courses among all. We are here to solve all your queries regarding the NIOS board. Students deciding to continue their suddenly stopped career holding the hands of NIOS are welcome to visit us. We, at Toppers Mantra have formulated interactive coaching classes for the 10th and 12th standard students to help them pass the exam at one go. We provide you the best way of learning such courses with interactive sessions, live examples and with real-world needs. We not only train you about the subject you want to learn, we actually can make you fall in love with that subject. We can bring out the passion deep down in you for that subject. Having love and passion about what you are doing is the best path of succeeding.

Toppers Mantra provide you

  • Every information that you need about NIOS admission and exams
  • Exam guidance for 10th and 12th standard
  • Regular courses as per the NIOS prescribed syllabus
  • Intuitive and interactive learning
  • Best infrastructure of course module
  • Professional trainers regarding the courses
  • Extra classes to make you expert in particular areas
  • Friendly, comfortable and compatible environment
  • for enhancing your skills of the course
  • The way of definite success in the modern world
  • A wide range of varieties in course structures
  • Quick but easy methods of learning
  • Liberal and modular exam pattern for making easy to give the best performance in exam
  • Flexible time duration to complete the whole course
  • Into the depth studies through theoretical and practical learning
  • Self-explanatory and easy to understand course structure
  • Step by step learning with milestones to give your 100% in every small part of the course
  • Tips to crack an interview related to your course
  • The best instructions to be an expert in your chosen course

Besides all these advantages, we made the parts of each course interrelated with each other. That means in the 10th standard tuition classes, we make the students go with each topic revising the previouslylearned topics as they all are relevant to each other.Also, in the 12th standard classes, the first-day topic is revised in many other days just to show the connections between them. We guide students to understand the concept first, then we get them through the needs of discussing questions and answers.

We think about your career progression skills to make you stand out of the row. Our faculties will not only offer with perfect course modules, but also some handy exam cracking tips.Helping you to achieve your dream is our motto and showing you the way to reach your goals conveniently is our intention. Because we believe in doing with passion or not at all. Choose us and grow with us.